Writing an academic success plan for probation

Who has an AIP? Any undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA less than 2. Why does Clarion require AIPs?

Writing an academic success plan for probation

Academic Probation What is Academic Probation? At the close of each semester, your academic record will be reviewed to verify your grade point average and determine your academic standing. Academic standing is determined using both semester and cumulative grade point averages GPAs.

Probation serves as a serious warning that your academic performance needs improvement, alerting you that you are in jeopardy of Academic Dismissal. Your cumulative GPA is below a 2.

Students are placed on probation for one of two reasons: If your cumulative GPA falls below 2. This means that some students on probation have a cumulative GPA below 2. Either way, probation is the result of academic struggle.

If you are on probation, now is the time to position yourself for success and turn things around. Is Academic Probation Serious? Yes, for at least two reasons: Because probation can lead to dismissal at the end of the term, probation is very serious. Dismissal from the university can lead to permanent dismissal from certain colleges or programs.

Again, some students dismissed from Indiana Tech can never return to their previous degree program. If you are on probation, contact your college about the risks of dismissal and what it might cost you.

If you are receiving financial aid, it is crucial that you begin to earn strong grades now. Of all the reasons to perform well in the classroom, finances may make the most immediate impact on our students.

How can I return to Good Standing? You will want to promptly contact your academic advisor, your best and most valuable resource for information.

You should speak with your academic advisor about the possibility of repeating courses in which you earned a grade below C, as the new grade might possibly replace the previous grade.

Successful grade-replacement repeats are one of the best ways to improve your cumulative GPA. Most colleges operate a special advising program for students on Academic Probation.

With your advisor, you will develop a plan to return to good academic standing. Your advisor can help you clarify your goals, objectives, interests, and abilities to ensure that you are on the right track. Your advisor may urge you to not overload your schedule while on Probation.

In addition, you may want to schedule an appointment with an academic coach from the Office of Student Success to establish study strategies and discuss the obstacles you are presently facing.

Your academic coach can also help you take advantage of the many resources available on campus.

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Both coaches and advisors are important to your academic success. Broadly, advisors help you plan your curriculum and choose your courses; coaches help you succeed in those courses.Academic Improvement Plans.

Additional questions and answers for faculty (rev. ) Are Academic Probation and Financial Aid Probation the same thing? Also e-mail or call Student Success () and let them know what you have done.

writing an academic success plan for probation

Student Success, located in Becht, supports student success, retention, and progression to graduation. example, students avoid academic probation or qualify for academic honors.) Student Advancement: students proceed to and succeed at subsequent educational and occupational endeavors for which their college degree or program was designed to.

A Student Success Plan is a plan that demonstrates what resources will be used on and off campus in order to pass all your classes with grades of C or better, as well as strategies you will use to achieve success. Academic Probation Students.

College is an academic journey of ups and downs. For some students, a GPA is not always consistent with academic capability.

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Herein lies a significant difference between the Plan for Academic Success (Plan) created by the office of Undergraduate Academic Services at the College of Charleston and plans offered by other colleges and universities.

Academic probation is a serious matter. Students who do not clear academic probation by the end of the next semester (fall or spring) of enrollment will be subject to .

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