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Write away engraving pensacola

Major opponent of slavery. Co-founder, Liberal Republican Party in Supporter of the Union.


Wilson Biographical Dictionary, New York,pp. His birthplace is shown in the accompanying engraving. On both sides his ancestors were of Scotch-Irish origin, but had been settled in New England for some generations.

His father, Zaccheus Greeley, was a small farmer, always poor, and, by the time Horace was ten years old, a bankrupt and a fugitive from the state, to escape arrest for debt.

Horace was the third child, four followed him, and when the little homestead of fifty acres of stony land at Amherst was lost and his father became a day-laborer at West Haven, Vermont, the united exertions of all that were able to work brought the family only a hard and bare subsistence.

Horace had been a precocious child, feeble, and not fond of sports, but with a strong bent to books. Write away engraving pensacola could read before he could talk plainly, when he was not yet three years old, and he was soon after the acknowledged chief in the frequent contests of the village spelling-match.

He received only a common-school education, and after his sixth year had schooling only in winter, laboring at other times in the field with his father and brothers. When six years old he declared he would be a printer, and at eleven he tried to be apprenticed in the village office.

He learned the business rapidly, became an accurate compositor, gained the warm regard of his employer and of the whole village, showed a special aptitude for politics and political statistics, rose to be the neighborhood oracle on disputed points, took a leading part in the village debating-society, and was intrusted with a portion of the editorial work on the paper.

With his wardrobe in a bundle, slung over his shoulder by a stick, he set out on foot through the woods, walked to Buffalo, thence made his way, partly on canal-boats, partly by walking the towpath, to Albany, and then down the Hudson on a tug-boat. He wandered for days from one printing-office to another vainly searching for work.

His grotesque appearance was against him; nobody supposed he could be a competent printer, and most thought him a runaway apprentice.

write away engraving pensacola

At last an Irishman at the cheap boarding-house he had found told him of an office where a compositor was needed; a Vermont printer interceded for him, when he was about to be rejected on his appearance, and at last he was taken on trial for the day.

The matter assigned him had been abandoned by other printers because of its uncommon difficulty. At night his was found the best day's work that anybody had yet done, and his position was secure.

Finally, in January,he took part in the first effort to establish a penny paper in New York. His partner was Francis V. They had therefore become master job-printers, and Greeley never worked again as a journeyman. Its columns regularly contained the following card: Greeley had renewed his habit of writing for the papers on which he was employed as a compositor.

Gregory, of Jersey City, the agent of a great lottery association, whose friendship soon became helpful and was long-continued. His partner, Story, died after seven months, and his brother-in-law, Jonas Winchester, was taken into the partnership instead.

The firm prospered, and by Mr. Greeley again began to think of editorship. Shortly before its appearance James Gordon Bennett visited Mr. By September, however, it had risen to 2, At the end of a year it was 4, at the end of the second year 7, and of the third 9, It was steadily popular with the press and people, and steadily unsuccessful pecuniarily.

A few months later the country entered upon the extraordinary popular excitements attending the presidential canvass ofand when Mr. Other editions were called for, and finally, the type having been distributed, the number had to be reset, and in all 48, copies were sold.

In a few weeks 60, subscriptions had been received, and the advance did not cease until the weekly issue had risen to between 80, and 90, copies — a circulation then absolutely unprecedented.

In answer to a correspondent he said flatly: Van Buren or any of his supporters cannot be published in the 'Log Cabin. Greeley was widely consulted, was appointed on campaign committees, asked to make speeches, and called hither and thither to aid in adjusting political differences.

He had become a person of influence and a political factor. He continued his paper for one week after the term promised, in order to send to his readers a complete account of the victory, the election of General Harrison as president, with as full returns of the vote as possible.

The immoral and degrading police reports, advertisements, and other matter which have been allowed to disgrace the columns of our leading penny papers will be carefully excluded from this, and no exertion spared to render it worthy of the hearty approval of the virtuous and refined, and a welcome visitant at the family fireside.- Updated Daily - Print out daily news stories for friends, colleagues, students, family or co-workers!

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