Panaria aisthesis bianco

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Panaria aisthesis bianco

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Manoscritti, disegni, fotografie e altro materiale inviato in redazione, anche se non pubblicati, non verranno restituiti. Since the System Group has been anticipating the future with cutting-edge automated solutions for the ceramic industry, intralogistics, electronics and packaging.

The Digital Factory has come to reality. In response to the increasingly fierce competition in international markets, the tile producers taking part in Cersaie will be showcasing their latest trend-setting products, particularly the large-size slabs and panels that have increasingly been taking centre stage in Bologna.

Supporting them in their quest for greater competitiveness are the ceramic machinery manufacturers, who are meeting in Tecnargilla following an exceptional in terms of sales and research efforts.

Design, large sizes, full digital, environmental sustainability and Industry 4. The report paints a picture of an industry and global market that saw a slower pace of growth inwith production and consumption up just 2.

These overall figures reflect fairly heterogeneous trends across the various regions and amongst the leading producer and exporter countries. While Europe and North America continued to grow, the results for Asia reveal a slowdown in China production down 1.

In this global scenario we are also seeing the rise of Africa, where two large and well-established producer countries — Egypt and Nigeria — are being joined by several newly-emerging players in the Sub-Saharan region.

Spread across four continents, these groups are highly heterogeneous in terms of product types and revenues, level of internationalisation and market penetration. Da- ti complessivi determinati, peraltro, da un andamento piuttosto disomogeneo nelle varie aree e tra i maggiori Paesi produttori ed esportatori.

The order includes state-of-theart automation for decoration and the end-of-line stage. These consist of a Creadigit E for printing high-resolution graphic designs on products up to 60 cm in width, and a Creadigit XLE for the decoration of surfaces with widths of up to 90 cm.

In addition to the Dimatix model M printheads, both printers have been equipped with High Flow HF printheads for application of digital material effects. The Rotocolor units complete the graphic design project.


Robofloor storage units from Nuova Era have been installed in the same factory at the entrance and exit of the rectification and polishing lines and at the infeed to the end-of-line system.

The order also includes two complete sorting lines equipped 14 unglazed porcelain tiles using high-efficiency and high-productivity technologies in both single and double charging modes. In sequenza, le Rotocolor completano la realizzazione del progetto grafico.

Qui System ha fornito due nuove linee di scelta composte da Multigecko, confezionatrice FV08 e pallettizzatore Falcon. The factory in Rakovnik also underwent the first step in a major plant modernisation programme. The Lasselsberger Group replicated the technology upgrade of the end-of-line department at the Zalakeramia factory in Hungary.

The system allows for complete interfacing with System automations, acquisition of all production and machine status data, and data logging and integration into the ERP management software.

A former director of the Institute for Ceramic Technology ITC and recently elected vice chairman of Redit, Font de Mora has spent his entire career at Vidres, transforming the family-owned company into a major global player in the ceramic glaze and colour sector by focusing on product innovation and internationalisation.

The latter is the first ceramic digital printer that combines drop-on-demand inkjet technology with dry application techniques. By using two colour bars for glue application, it is capable of applying grits of various particle sizes with guaranteed maximum stability and repeatability.

The finishing operations are performed using Ancora polishing technologies and the nanotechnology-based Hi Coat protective treatment which guarantees lasting protection of largesize tile surfaces. The plant also features a latest-generation Smartline sorting line and LGV vehicles to ensure highly flexible production flows and logistics for medium and large sizes.

The operation is valued at For the British group listed on the London Stock Exchange, this is the third ceramic-business acquisition in under a year following the purchase of Ceramica Serra in Italy value InSaloni generated net revenues of Nel ha realizzato ricavi pari a ,3 milioni di euro e un Ebitda di 15,6 milioni di Euro.

Cami Depurazioni tions for large-size tile production. It will also be exhibiting a life-size fume-air heat exchanger equipped with an automatic compressed air cleaning system with a special design that allows it to maintain its heat exchange efficiency over time.

The system has been successfully used for a number of years by leading Italian and foreign ceramic companies. Visitors to the Cami stand are also able to view the self-cleaning filtration system for wastewater originating from the large-size tile honing lines.


In these finishing operations, the quality of the water reused in the process is crucial for avoiding quality issues with finished products.9 14 energy wood 15 Pavimento: BIANCO NE 24,65x99,2.

16,3x99,2 Pavimento: AVANA 16,3x99,2 10 16 energy wood 17 pavimento: BIANCONE 12,2x99,2 rivestimento: BIANCONE E CARBONE 12,2x99,2 16,3x99,2 24,65x99,2 pavimento: NOCE 12,2x99,2 16,3x99,2 PEZZI SPECIALI Special pieces Pièces spéciales Passende Sonderstücke NO 15cm OK Si consiglia la posa affiancata o a correre con una .

Porcelain has been used for centuries to make tile, but only in recent years have modern production methods brought this product into the average consumer’s home. These modern production methods are what make our Wood Trend – Mahogany porcelain tile possible.

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Panaria aisthesis bianco

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