Good political leader

Women and Leadership Chapter 2: Whether they are heading a major corporation or serving in elected office, leaders bring a combination of traits to the table. Men and women tend to agree on the relative importance of the top tier of leadership traits. Nearly equal shares of each say being honest, intelligent, organized and decisive are absolutely essential, although women place somewhat more importance on intelligence and honesty than do men.

Good political leader

Home Opinion On Politics: What good are newspaper endorsements? Roger DuPuis - On Politics - Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed the quiet omission of something from this paper in recent years: Members of our editorial board still meet with candidates, as part of a process in which one or more reporters will write campaign preview stories.

But we have Good political leader away from publishing editorials telling voters who the paper supports — by extension who we think you should support. From the perspective of many who work in the newsroom, this is the way things should be.

It is a longstanding tradition and there are times when editors and publishers will rightly feel that the full weight of a publication should be thrown behind or against a candidate for the good of the community at large.

In general, though, for papers to go through lists and lists of candidates and make individual recommendations is an anachronism that flies in the face of our professed goal of objectivity and impartiality. Oh yes, I can hear the laughter.

I can predict the scores of biting online comments. There are too many who persist in the delusion that objectivity means we are never supposed to write or share anything that does not unquestioningly support their point of view, favored candidates or party.

Putting that nonsense aside, we see our job as providing enough information about candidates and their stances that readers can make an informed choice in the voting booth on Election Day. That is not to say we as a paper do not take stances on issues.

You can see that on the editorial page every day. We also publish the opinions of others. This column — which is a form of opinion piece — looks at politics from an individual perspective, as do most of the op-ed pieces we publish.

Good political leader

But for the paper as an institution to suggest you should vote a certain way is a practice that has fallen by the wayside here — and rightly so, in my opinion.

I believe many of my colleagues agree. From a practical perspective, I believe papers need to be mindful about how and when to endorse candidates.

The election provides a stunning example of where the practice of endorsements went wrong. Many papers around the country issued lengthy, damning editorials telling their readers why they should not vote for Donald Trump. When America woke up that Wednesday to learn Trump would be the next president, the gap between many readers and those papers only grew wider.

We all continue to pay the price. Their minds are made up. What you do with that information in the privacy of the voting booth is your choice and your business.WHO is GOOD Leader.

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Education. Mannuthy KSRTC HUB. Politician. Congress Youth Team - Korba. Political Party. THM Photography. Photographer. Vidiyalai Thedum Indhiyargal. Political Party. Mad_Man_Words. Dec 10,  · Best Answer: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

The founder of modern Turkey.

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The man was a genius! Also, Winston Churchill. British Prime Minister towards the end of the second world Resolved. Top 5 Qualities of Good Political Leaders Deciding which candidate to vote into office is simply a matter of party affiliation for many people.

President Abraham Lincoln appointed the best and brightest to his Cabinet, individuals who were also some of his greatest political rivals. He demonstrated his leadership by pulling this group together into a unique team that represented the greatest minds of his time, according to .

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Neuroscience reveals what distorts a leader’s judgment. Here’s how you can keep your own judgment clear. - A good leader represents the characteristics of honesty, proactive, earnestness, and so much more.

Good political leader

A leader that is educated and embodies the ability to assess the other group's skills and talents in order to utilize them to accomplish a goal.

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