Child care unit 001

Added by Acts74th Leg. Amended by Acts74th Leg. Acts79th Leg. Acts83rd Leg.

Child care unit 001

A the child's adoption; B the child's 18th birthday or graduation from high school, whichever occurs later; C removal of the child's disabilities of minority by court order, marriage, or other operation of law; or D the child's death; or 2 if the child is disabled as defined in this chapter, for an indefinite period.

In a proceeding in which the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services is named permanent managing conservator of a child whose parents' rights have not been terminated, the court shall order each parent that is financially able to make periodic payments for the support of the child.

Added by Acts74th Leg. Amended by Acts74th Leg. Acts79th Leg. Acts83rd Leg. Acts85th Leg. A under Chapter 25Education Code, in an accredited secondary school in a program leading toward a high school diploma; B under Section A the minimum attendance requirements of Subchapter C, Chapter 25Child care unit 001 Code; or B the minimum attendance requirements imposed by the school in which the child is enrolled, if the child is enrolled in a private secondary school.

Amended by Acts76th Leg. The court may order that child support be paid by: A is 18 years of age or older; and B has failed to comply with the enrollment or attendance requirements described by Section Acts80th Leg.

Acts82nd Leg. Amended by Acts75th Leg. The court shall order medical support and dental support for the child as provided by Subchapters B and D. Amended by Acts77th Leg. Acts84th Leg. The amount of support ordered for the benefit of a child shall be determined without regard to: A court may not render an order that conditions the payment of child support on whether a managing conservator allows a possessory conservator to have possession of or access to a child.

If the court finds that the obligee failed to return a child support payment under Subsection athe court shall order the obligee to pay to the obligor attorney's fees and all court costs in addition to the amount of support paid after the date the child support order terminated.

For good cause shown, the court may waive the requirement that the obligee pay attorney's fees and costs if the court states the reasons supporting that finding.

Added by Acts76th Leg.

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The payment is free of any creditor's claim against the deceased obligee's estate and may be disbursed as provided by Subsection c. A copy of the order shall be provided to: A the person having actual care, control, and possession of the child; B the county clerk; or C the managing conservator or guardian of the child, if one has been appointed.

Child care unit 001

Added by Acts77th Leg. Renumbered from Family Code Sec. In determining the amount of the unpaid child support obligation, the court shall consider all relevant factors, including: If the court finds that the child support obligation is not satisfied, the court shall render a judgment in favor of the obligee, for the benefit of the child, in the amount of the unpaid child support obligation determined under Subsection c.

The order must designate the obligee as constructive trustee, for the benefit of the child, of any money received in satisfaction of the judgment. The obligee may present the claim in the manner provided by the Estates Code. Added by Acts80th Leg. Section 17unemployment benefits, disability and workers' compensation benefits, interest income from notes regardless of the source, gifts and prizes, spousal maintenance, and alimony.

Acts81st Leg. The court shall require a party to:Transportation from the child’s school to the care site or from the care site to the child’s school. 7. Drug testing, criminal history checks, first aid training, CP R training, or Tuberculosis tests.

Qualification as a Family: To be eligible for Child Care Subsidy, the family must meet the program definition of a family. A family is defined as a unit consisting of one or more adults age.

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and child care center providers on serving and accessing services for homeless families. Technical Assistance should increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding of child and family homelessness, including how it is defined, the prevalence of. The information in the chart below is a summary of explicit state-based statutory-, regulatory- and policy-based protections, where they exist, against discrimination on account of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression (“SOGIE”) in the nation’s child welfare system.

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